Change Can Be Sudden

Have you ever set out to do one thing and then everything shifts? Suddenly you see clearly what you need to do even if it requires sacrifice. I had this weird anxiety about starting this new position feeling torn between my head and my gut and I finally got the message clear and then myContinue reading “Change Can Be Sudden”

Bad Advice Is Still Advice

This is not another one of those articles, designed to “help” while simultaneously discouraging you. Can I get an Amen from all of the writers, artists, and photographers? What makes YOU special? What makes YOUR work stand out from all of the thousands upon thousands of creators in the country and millions of artists acrossContinue reading “Bad Advice Is Still Advice”

Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes

What message shall come from a snack cake one might wonder, well allow me to share. I was eating this delicious sugary snack cake when I started drifting into my here not here state of being. I began to think of my most recent work experience in an extremely active haunted old hotel. While thereContinue reading “Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes”