Time Changes Everything

It’s funny how life can change in a blink, moving people in and out of your life like the tide. Some are swept away due to circumstance, others up and leave, and some move on beyond this earthly realm on to more heavenly things. A person can be in your arms one day and goneContinue reading “Time Changes Everything”

This Season On Your Life

Every season of our lives comes and goes with little realization as to the significance of those times as they are unfolding. It is only in retrospect that we grasp what we had in those times. If one looks through the days of their lives and the seasons past, you might begin to see aContinue reading “This Season On Your Life”


Withdrawn I suppose that is what I am lately.  Inward only thinking more than acting.  Listening more than speaking.  I have so much to say yet I feel like saying nothing at all.  I am reflective more than expressive these days and I’m tired.  I am tired of explaining well or badly or everything inContinue reading “Reflective”

Tiny Changes Create Big Things

Humble seems a simple word. Humbleness is something many either lack or never learn to balance with confidence. Confidence is hard to master without becoming arrogant. It’s a fine line, like many things in life. The feeling of passionate and fierce love ride just along the line of love and hate, it’s an easy feelingContinue reading “Tiny Changes Create Big Things”

The Storm Before The Calm

I am tired boss, too tired to try and make anyone else happy. Too tired to juggle more than my life can juggle. Tired of explaining it, explaining myself constantly when I shouldn’t have to. I am in power save mode right now. I need a generator or something. I’ll settle for slowly piecing togetherContinue reading “The Storm Before The Calm”

What’s It Like Over There

Well, today has been fun.  I almost broke my refrigerator door with my butt.  I decided to haphazardly hop and twerk backward without realizing that someone was in the refrigerator, oops.  It made for some great laughter and possibly a bruised buttcheek, tomorrow will tell the tale, or tail? Hehe.  Today I feel energetically laggy,Continue reading “What’s It Like Over There”