Burn Brighter

With the current state of events and more to come, I am sure unrest is rumbling across the states. The vibration and echoes always make there way across the globe no matter where the chaos is. Do not lose your inner strength and fire, burn brighter and hotter. Do not let your joy and faithContinue reading “Burn Brighter”

For Sweet Autumn

I will not stand idly by as hatred and ignorance reign. I will not stand hushed and quietly off to myself and not speak up for your bias and injustice. I will not allow you to terrorize anyone especially a child of your making because they are gay. You may be pillars of the communityContinue reading “For Sweet Autumn”

Full Circle Full Moon

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Anyone else finding themselves completing strange full circles this past week? Ending up with people and places from different times in your life? It has been strange, to say the least. I have found myself so many places from childhood, coming back full circle to locations I thought wereContinue reading “Full Circle Full Moon”