Taking Care

Toasting you with NyQuil from the comfort of my couch. Covid weaved it’s way into my home after nearly 3 years, I suppose it eventually gets us all. Left with being a hermit and just being because there isn’t much energy for anything else. I have been battling some health issues for months now andContinue reading “Taking Care”

It’s 2am Fancy Meeting You Here

Well hello, insomniacs and other half of the worlders. It’s 2 a.m. here and of course, I am awake. I’ve put the cat out of the bedroom and she’s a little miffed about it. She was begging hello at the door it sounds more like hellro. She is banished from the bedroom for one reasonContinue reading “It’s 2am Fancy Meeting You Here”

What In The Weird World?

Have you ever had a day full of rainbows and waterfalls, and supernatural? It’s definitely abnormal. From a waterfall to a sunset like I have never seen. It felt like magic as if I were a character in a book, who had ended up in a fairytale, not unlike Alice in her wonderland. There wasContinue reading “What In The Weird World?”

Orbs Orbs Everywhere

That moon she is beaming. Lights and things appearing in photos. Photo scrying and moon scrying are ripe for the pickin’ tonight. Ringed planets and hearts are the themes tonight. A few pictures with me in them orbs were all on me and around. I asked for spirit pictures and they were happy to oblige.Continue reading “Orbs Orbs Everywhere”

Silence is Loud

If you’re quiet, you will hear. Magic happens in the space of quiet. Those with clairaudience especially benefit in the space of quiet. For myself, clairaudience is typically not incredibly loud and often presents itself in a muffled, whispery fashion. It can be rather annoying if I am unable to tune in enough to makeContinue reading “Silence is Loud”

Eating Chocolate Is A Spiritual Experience For Me

One of the kids left the better portion of a chocolate bar laying about, I take my job cleaning up as a mother seriously. It was laying there forgotten and creating a mess, I did what any reasonable person would do, I cleaned up the mess with my mouth. It was delicious and I haveContinue reading “Eating Chocolate Is A Spiritual Experience For Me”