Guess What There Is A Super Moon Incoming

As if the energy wasn’t boosted already, get ready for it cause it’s about to get extra amped up. I could feel the build of energy and now I feel it like a bubble about to burst. That moon she is going bring in some crazy dreams, more prophetic dreams for those who are inclinedContinue reading “Guess What There Is A Super Moon Incoming”

Weird Day Even Weirder Night Paranormal Excess

I had a pretty clear-cut plan for my day, but it could not have gone any different. Weird how the universe conspires to get you certain places. Talk about memory overload as well, I am still processing that aspect of the day alone. The plan was to go and cut my nephew’s hair, then goContinue reading “Weird Day Even Weirder Night Paranormal Excess”

Approach The Spirit Realm With Caution

Like the saying of not all that glitters is gold, the same concept is true for the spirit realm. Not all that speak are good. Careful when contacting and communicating with the spirit world. Aside from the typical things you hear about protecting your energy proceed with caution. Here is the deal, tricksters are aContinue reading “Approach The Spirit Realm With Caution”

The Veil Thins In April

We associate a thin veil with Halloween.  There are other times of the year that seem to consistently result in a thinner veil.  Spring is one of those times.  Typically in April, I find there is heightened spiritual activity every single year.   Speaking of spirits, it was brought to my attention years ago that spiritContinue reading “The Veil Thins In April”

Silence is Loud

If you’re quiet, you will hear. Magic happens in the space of quiet. Those with clairaudience especially benefit in the space of quiet. For myself, clairaudience is typically not incredibly loud and often presents itself in a muffled, whispery fashion. It can be rather annoying if I am unable to tune in enough to makeContinue reading “Silence is Loud”

CLICK on picture to see all images in the story feature. Some examples of spirit photos and photo scrying.

The spirit world loves to communicate in a variety of ways. It isn’t a straightforward conversation like you have with your friends. Sometimes it can be on the cryptic side. I’ve noticed that a lot of people will get incoming messages and they just don’t pay attention to them. Not realizing that spirit communicates withContinue reading “CLICK on picture to see all images in the story feature. Some examples of spirit photos and photo scrying.”

Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes

What message shall come from a snack cake one might wonder, well allow me to share. I was eating this delicious sugary snack cake when I started drifting into my here not here state of being. I began to think of my most recent work experience in an extremely active haunted old hotel. While thereContinue reading “Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes”

Did you always know you had abilities? Nope I was very confused

When did it all begin? Good question, I have no idea. I could give you some crazy story about I knew when I was baby inside my crib I’d watch all the pretty lights dash around the room. I don’t remember when I was a baby not in the least. I barely have fuzzy memoriesContinue reading “Did you always know you had abilities? Nope I was very confused”