Can you relate to a hedgehog?

I moved this adorable guy into his bigger home this week.  I have been trying to win him over with apple slices and mill worms.  We are making progress albeit slow.  Things take time and even hedgehogs have their own personality and free will at play. This little guy exudes so much soul despite hisContinue reading “Can you relate to a hedgehog?”

Some Days Are A Battle

Some days are a battle and some are more like a war. Where every direction you turn, you are hit with the shrapnel of chaos. Angry words, personal attacks, and other’s chaos. Left to fight metaphorical demons the whole day, depleting your willpower and body. The demon anxiety, yours and others, the demon stress andContinue reading “Some Days Are A Battle”

Jeepers Creepers There’s A Peeper (Casper Edition)

The last thing I want to see when getting undressed for the night is movement in the room. Not the cat, I just lured out with treats. Not near the floor, I notice the movement as soon as I’m naked as a jaybird. Ugh, really, not now. I hate to break this to you, butContinue reading “Jeepers Creepers There’s A Peeper (Casper Edition)”

Weird Day Even Weirder Night Paranormal Excess

I had a pretty clear-cut plan for my day, but it could not have gone any different. Weird how the universe conspires to get you certain places. Talk about memory overload as well, I am still processing that aspect of the day alone. The plan was to go and cut my nephew’s hair, then goContinue reading “Weird Day Even Weirder Night Paranormal Excess”

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

It’s a good day when you’re covered in paint. I have had the urge to create a piece for a new friend. Kindred spirits don’t come along often. This piece is on wood hand burned and then painted. I struggle to find a balance to stain the wood more than complete coverage. I had aContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over”