Remember Yourself

Starting your morning with gratitude is a good goal, however, maintaining that throughout the day is a bit more tough. I am trying to take moments in the day when I am overwhelmed to reiterate that gratitude to help steer my focus back on track. Do not be discouraged or disheartened when some days justContinue reading “Remember Yourself”

Be Your Own Best Friend

There’s a little buzz inside me, a spark, an ember getting fanned by some cosmic flame I can not see. I feel the warmth slowly building inside of me, what secrets do those embers hold, what fire burns there? Only time will tell, seeds are planted deep within us by forces unsee, and when weContinue reading “Be Your Own Best Friend”

A Letter to Yourself

I hope that life is treating you kindly, that you find your way even when the path you walk dims and obstacles are thrown in your way. I hope that you find kindness in others along your way, kindness in the form of direction when you feel lost. Kindness in a helping hand, kind words,Continue reading “A Letter to Yourself”

What’s Weighing You Down?

We all have things that weigh us down. How much of that weight can we cut loose? How much weight do you carry around with you every single day? Are you carrying around expectations, and punishing yourself for falling short. Let that stuff go. Expectations versus reality won’t always line up, in fact, it rarelyContinue reading “What’s Weighing You Down?”