Welcome to the Virginia Weather Lottery

Hello and welcome to the Virginia weather lottery where you wake up in one season, spend the day in another and end it with yet another. Daily forecasts look more like vague wild guesses including a little bit of everything just in case. Today may be partly sunny, cloudy with a chance of rain, warmingContinue reading “Welcome to the Virginia Weather Lottery”

I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees

The above photo was taken at Grayson Highlands Park. I have always had a deep love for trees. They have many lessons they can teach us. Those trees have soul, I’m not sure if people are aware of that. Yes, I am a treehugger I don’t hug all of them and they don’t all careContinue reading “I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees”

Tell Me To Take A Hike

Why don’t you go take a hike! Hehe, okay. Am I supposed to be offended by that? Shoot Yeah, I’ll gladly take a hike. Far away off into the woods, off the beaten path even. You go right on with your grouchy self, I’ll find wonders and sights unseen. I’ll find hidden treasures and gemsContinue reading “Tell Me To Take A Hike”