There Are Monsters Under The Bed

I never sleep with my foot outside of the covers anymore. I no longer sleep in a bed with an open underneath. I do not sleep in the dark anymore, rarely ever did. I do not sleep with my foot hanging off the edge of the bed. I am careful about what I place aboveContinue reading “There Are Monsters Under The Bed”

Insomnia, Devils Of The Night

Have a cup of coffee with me or eight. Well good morning, day, noon? The excess energy rolled on over into the night and made for an interesting nonsleep. Restless is definitely in an abundance right now. The veil is sooo thin y’all, it’s thin like one-ply toilet paper. Mercy, no wonder we are allContinue reading “Insomnia, Devils Of The Night”

The Great Purge of 2021 A Tale of Unfortunate Events

I awoke to something that wasn’t paranormal but was definitely supernatural. The scene which unfolded could have been on a movie set. Nothing like that should happen in real life. I say that knowing what ungodly things I have seen after working countless years as a hotel maid. Today it was in my home, inContinue reading “The Great Purge of 2021 A Tale of Unfortunate Events”