Memories Not Material

Sometimes you have to focus on yourself. Take care of yourself, you can’t fix everyone and everything. Not everyone has your best interest at heart, they have their own. There comes a time when you have to realize that you are the only person responsible for your happiness and no one else is ever goingContinue reading “Memories Not Material”

What Do We Leave Behind?

What is it that we leave behind when we exit our lives? We all hope that it is more than fragmented memories and leftover possessions. We hope to have our families remember us rather than fight over our things, the memories are more important, pictures can be duplicated and shared, an old ham radio orContinue reading “What Do We Leave Behind?”

Sifting Through Memories

I spent the afternoon with family and looking through old photos of my dad. Laughing at some and contemplating others. Strange how we forget how young our own parents were once while raising us. I had forgotten what slender man my dad was for most of his life. I forgot what he had looked likeContinue reading “Sifting Through Memories”