One Year Of Grief

Grief is haunted hallways and bedrooms with a deafening silence and echoes of memories. It’s the awareness of just how important memories are leaving you simultaneously thirsty for moments happening right now and leaving you drowning in moments that have passed. Laughter defiantly slipping from your lips that are lined with grief. Silent moments thatContinue reading “One Year Of Grief”

Standing On The Edge Of The Unknown

I’m not sure if it is some strange Hollywood notion, that at a certain point in our lives there will be a time when it is all just magically figured out. As if there is some imaginary line we cross as a right of passage, where we just have it together. Some elusive place whereContinue reading “Standing On The Edge Of The Unknown”

I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees

The above photo was taken at Grayson Highlands Park. I have always had a deep love for trees. They have many lessons they can teach us. Those trees have soul, I’m not sure if people are aware of that. Yes, I am a treehugger I don’t hug all of them and they don’t all careContinue reading “I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees”

Did you always know you had abilities? Nope I was very confused

When did it all begin? Good question, I have no idea. I could give you some crazy story about I knew when I was baby inside my crib I’d watch all the pretty lights dash around the room. I don’t remember when I was a baby not in the least. I barely have fuzzy memoriesContinue reading “Did you always know you had abilities? Nope I was very confused”