All Hearts Are Human

Every heart beating inside every human being is capable of love, of feeling hurt and happiness. There is no skin tone for hearts, there is no superior background or part of the world. There are only human hearts all capable of being both great things and inconceivable things. We are all human. Every single personContinue reading “All Hearts Are Human”

Be Your Own Best Friend

There’s a little buzz inside me, a spark, an ember getting fanned by some cosmic flame I can not see. I feel the warmth slowly building inside of me, what secrets do those embers hold, what fire burns there? Only time will tell, seeds are planted deep within us by forces unsee, and when weContinue reading “Be Your Own Best Friend”

A Letter to Yourself

I hope that life is treating you kindly, that you find your way even when the path you walk dims and obstacles are thrown in your way. I hope that you find kindness in others along your way, kindness in the form of direction when you feel lost. Kindness in a helping hand, kind words,Continue reading “A Letter to Yourself”

Is That a Bear Trap? No no, i said Can You Hear That?!

I would say that it feels like someone is drilling a hole in my head, but if this were true, I would have a release of pressure. My dang ear is giving me a fit. Ah the ears, a battle I have had lifelong. I was hard of hearing consistently until around 12, I stillContinue reading “Is That a Bear Trap? No no, i said Can You Hear That?!”

May the Unwanteds and the Wanteds Forge a New Way

I have been drowning in the cutthroat ugly side of humans for a while now. I miss the good side. The part of humanity that is not out for anything, the people who are genuine and help each other without expectation. The adults are out here behaving ugly, setting bad examples for the children. TheyContinue reading “May the Unwanteds and the Wanteds Forge a New Way”

A Suspiciously Good Day

Have you ever had a day so smooth and good, it makes you nervous? You wonder for a moment did I accidentally master manifestation today? Are the stars aligned? Maybe the planets are. Is the universe conspiring to apologize for the assault of the week before? Is it trying to balance? If we are lookingContinue reading “A Suspiciously Good Day”

Is Respect Earned or Demanded?

Is Respect earned or demanded? It depends on who you ask. I have never understood the concept of demanding something without having something to back it up. Why should someone give you something that you haven’t earned from them just because you said so? It definitely can be a case by case basis where youContinue reading “Is Respect Earned or Demanded?”