Remember Yourself

Starting your morning with gratitude is a good goal, however, maintaining that throughout the day is a bit more tough. I am trying to take moments in the day when I am overwhelmed to reiterate that gratitude to help steer my focus back on track. Do not be discouraged or disheartened when some days justContinue reading “Remember Yourself”

Try, Try Again

Have you found that place yet where your art, heart, expression fit yet? It’s okay to let it go temporarily, but don’t stop going back to it. What makes your heart glow, what do you enjoy and love sharing with others? Is it your words, thoughts, do you express it with paint or a pen,Continue reading “Try, Try Again”

Bad Advice Is Still Advice

This is not another one of those articles, designed to “help” while simultaneously discouraging you. Can I get an Amen from all of the writers, artists, and photographers? What makes YOU special? What makes YOUR work stand out from all of the thousands upon thousands of creators in the country and millions of artists acrossContinue reading “Bad Advice Is Still Advice”