The First House In Washington State

I was young, just turning 21 in a serious relationship, I moved across country to be with him. He was in the Navy, a submariner, he had been in offshore duty for a year, due to a series of personal issues and he needed to recoup his mental health before being deemed seaworthy again. IContinue reading “The First House In Washington State”

The Moving Chair

It was a slow day at The Wartha Inn. The business had slowed due to covid and gathering restrictions. We had just reopened and activity was at an all time high. The spirits of the building had missed the gatherings and interactions. Sometimes I think the building itself has a pulse of its own feedingContinue reading “The Moving Chair”

A Tale Of Sleep Paralysis

The day had been long, exhausted wasn’t even the word for the feeling that encompassed me. My body could no longer propell itself to move and function. Heavy eyes periodically closing despite the fight to force them open. It was a battle I could not win and so I gave into it. Slipping slowing beneathContinue reading “A Tale Of Sleep Paralysis”

Frank The Haunted Cookie Jar

The day I brought Frank home. What trouble can that adorable little cookie jar cause? So very much if he wants to. Does Frank always stay inside the cookie jar, nope. So what little bit I was told was that the cookie jar had been previously taken home by an employee, but this person hadContinue reading “Frank The Haunted Cookie Jar”

Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes

What message shall come from a snack cake one might wonder, well allow me to share. I was eating this delicious sugary snack cake when I started drifting into my here not here state of being. I began to think of my most recent work experience in an extremely active haunted old hotel. While thereContinue reading “Messages Brought To You By My Breakfast of Little Debbies Devil Cremes”