Happy Birthday In Heaven Dad, Raise Some Hell Today

It doesn’t feel like it has been that long but at the same time, it feels like forever. I feel like you should get a free pass today and raise some hell. I don’t know what that looks like on your end but I imagine you’ll make the most of it. You have an awfulContinue reading “Happy Birthday In Heaven Dad, Raise Some Hell Today”

One Year Of Grief

Grief is haunted hallways and bedrooms with a deafening silence and echoes of memories. It’s the awareness of just how important memories are leaving you simultaneously thirsty for moments happening right now and leaving you drowning in moments that have passed. Laughter defiantly slipping from your lips that are lined with grief. Silent moments thatContinue reading “One Year Of Grief”

Losing My Dad During Covid

It has been nearly a year since I lost my dad. Today was a year since he entered the hospital to have major heart surgery. He came through the surgery great and was progressing with his recovery, a bit slower than expected, however, with Covid shutting down hospital access and elective procedures we were assuredContinue reading “Losing My Dad During Covid”