Too busy For Paranormal Today

Woke up at the crack of dawn and began my nonstop sprint to get stuff done. The morning sure did come early, if you have insomnia you know that statement can go either way, either honest or pure sarcasm. The birds seem happy though I’ve noticed I hear them plenty way up in the morningContinue reading “Too busy For Paranormal Today”

Road Trip, What A Trip

The thing about spontaneous road trips is that they don’t always pan out. You don’t always get to find hidden gems of places. Cool roadside diners, unique roadside attractions. Something exciting and new. You might not see much of anything, but sometimes the trip isn’t so much about the places as it is about theContinue reading “Road Trip, What A Trip”

I Would Like To Make A Toast, Happy Easter!

Cheers! Have a toast with me. I’d much prefer a sparkling dessert wine, but for now, this kind of toast will have to do. Not even a toast with jam, or something, just a toast. Right now the two main foods tethering me to life are applesauce and toast and even that burns like aContinue reading “I Would Like To Make A Toast, Happy Easter!”