Time Changes Everything

It’s funny how life can change in a blink, moving people in and out of your life like the tide. Some are swept away due to circumstance, others up and leave, and some move on beyond this earthly realm on to more heavenly things. A person can be in your arms one day and goneContinue reading “Time Changes Everything”

Reconnect With Your 7 Year Old Self

I have a challenge for you, this year as we close out and make way for a new year take some time to reflect. We all reflect some each year, but this year you will find yourself reflecting so much more than normal. Go with the flow of this energy, embrace it and acknowledge it.Continue reading “Reconnect With Your 7 Year Old Self”

Memory Lane Part 2

I was a wildling, a child left to grow and thrive outside, unattended in endless adventure and journey.  Waking just as the light edged above the horizon, bare feet slinking through dew-kissed grass.  Golden light pouring over trees and fields, morning air cool and refreshing smelling different than midday air and late afternoon air, sweetContinue reading “Memory Lane Part 2”