If at first you fail…

Start over. Some things fail because of timing, others because of the approach, and others the lack of work put into it. Energetically I feel a lot of chaos or impending chaos and I am unsure of whether it’s the collective or just myself. It fills as though there isn’t enough time to make theContinue reading “If at first you fail…”

Some Life and Some paranormal

Yesterday was spent getting everything buttoned up to send a child to camp. Camp didn’t happen, she decided that her anxiety couldn’t conquer that much of being outside of her comfort zone, and I support her, whatever she needs. We will make the best of the rest of the Summer break. On other fronts, covidContinue reading “Some Life and Some paranormal”

Some Days Are A Battle

Some days are a battle and some are more like a war. Where every direction you turn, you are hit with the shrapnel of chaos. Angry words, personal attacks, and other’s chaos. Left to fight metaphorical demons the whole day, depleting your willpower and body. The demon anxiety, yours and others, the demon stress andContinue reading “Some Days Are A Battle”