I know you are tired momma. Some days are exhausting and you feel broken. Some days are too much, but you keep going. No matter the stage you are in with raising your babies, it comes with so much weight the world around you can’t seem to see. I see you. You are amazing, youContinue reading “BLESSED BE THE MOMS”

Approach The Spirit Realm With Caution

Like the saying of not all that glitters is gold, the same concept is true for the spirit realm. Not all that speak are good. Careful when contacting and communicating with the spirit world. Aside from the typical things you hear about protecting your energy proceed with caution. Here is the deal, tricksters are aContinue reading “Approach The Spirit Realm With Caution”

Money Doesn’t Buy Class Tales Of A Highend Hotel Maid

I spent around two years working as a maid in a very haunted high-end hotel. The customers were far scarier than the dead that roamed the halls. You would think a 5-star hotel would be better than your average 2 or 3 star rated hotel.  I have worked in both and let me just tellContinue reading “Money Doesn’t Buy Class Tales Of A Highend Hotel Maid”

One Year Of Grief

Grief is haunted hallways and bedrooms with a deafening silence and echoes of memories. It’s the awareness of just how important memories are leaving you simultaneously thirsty for moments happening right now and leaving you drowning in moments that have passed. Laughter defiantly slipping from your lips that are lined with grief. Silent moments thatContinue reading “One Year Of Grief”

Insomnia, Devils Of The Night

Have a cup of coffee with me or eight. Well good morning, day, noon? The excess energy rolled on over into the night and made for an interesting nonsleep. Restless is definitely in an abundance right now. The veil is sooo thin y’all, it’s thin like one-ply toilet paper. Mercy, no wonder we are allContinue reading “Insomnia, Devils Of The Night”

Dang, Even Earth Has Offbeat Days

Earth’s frequency is just under 8hz.  However, her frequency shifts kind of like ours does.  Our vibrational frequency is subject to change, because of outside influences, our moods.  They call it her heartbeat, or most commonly Schumann resonance.  Sometimes she has big spikes in her frequency and it can be either the collective vibration thatContinue reading “Dang, Even Earth Has Offbeat Days”

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

It’s a good day when you’re covered in paint. I have had the urge to create a piece for a new friend. Kindred spirits don’t come along often. This piece is on wood hand burned and then painted. I struggle to find a balance to stain the wood more than complete coverage. I had aContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over”