Energy Alert

How is everyone doing out there? Are you okay? This incoming full moon and eclipse are causing so much emotional upheaval. This lunar eclipse is extra intense it will last longer than normal matching a length not seen in nearly 600 years. She packs a punch and so does that full moon energy, hold onContinue reading “Energy Alert”

For Sweet Autumn

I will not stand idly by as hatred and ignorance reign. I will not stand hushed and quietly off to myself and not speak up for your bias and injustice. I will not allow you to terrorize anyone especially a child of your making because they are gay. You may be pillars of the communityContinue reading “For Sweet Autumn”

Front Porch Sittin’

This morning the sky had a story to tell in every direction you looked. I love it when the sunrise is so magical, so otherworldly. It makes my heart ache for a place this body has never been. The colors sing chords to my soul, touching a place often untouched. Man-made things don’t speak toContinue reading “Front Porch Sittin’”

Tiny Changes Create Big Things

Humble seems a simple word. Humbleness is something many either lack or never learn to balance with confidence. Confidence is hard to master without becoming arrogant. It’s a fine line, like many things in life. The feeling of passionate and fierce love ride just along the line of love and hate, it’s an easy feelingContinue reading “Tiny Changes Create Big Things”

A Letter to Yourself

I hope that life is treating you kindly, that you find your way even when the path you walk dims and obstacles are thrown in your way. I hope that you find kindness in others along your way, kindness in the form of direction when you feel lost. Kindness in a helping hand, kind words,Continue reading “A Letter to Yourself”

My Life is a Fire Hazard

Anyone else out there sitting comfortably in the fire of their lives?  Watching as things seemingly burn to the ground.  Are you casually watching things fall apart and somehow feel unbothered?   I suppose one might call this dissociation, I like it here, it’s warm, not all that stressful.  I am so unbothered by it, IContinue reading “My Life is a Fire Hazard”

Memory Lane Part 2

I was a wildling, a child left to grow and thrive outside, unattended in endless adventure and journey.  Waking just as the light edged above the horizon, bare feet slinking through dew-kissed grass.  Golden light pouring over trees and fields, morning air cool and refreshing smelling different than midday air and late afternoon air, sweetContinue reading “Memory Lane Part 2”