Bumping Realities

The paranormal has picked up recently, it does so at different times of the year, this was different though. I still haven’t figured it out, this is a first for me. Last night I awoke from sleeping, it took a minute to gather myself and that’s when I started to hear it. It was aContinue reading “Bumping Realities”

Energetic Turbulence

If the world could rebalance and settle that would be great.  The energetic turbulence has got us all feeling out of sorts.  I feel as if the rocky motion of chaotic energy has given me spiritual sea sickness.  The storm is raging on and I think we all need it to pass quicker than itContinue reading “Energetic Turbulence”

The light of Hope

The sun has begun to grace us with its presence for longer and the days are becoming bright and clear. The weather is slowly transitioning and the cycle of new growth is beginning again. The darkness and grey of winter sludge are dissipating. I am grateful for the freedom and opportunity to appreciate it peacefully.Continue reading “The light of Hope”

Brothers and Sisters of the World

Take a moment today and remember that human is human, wherever you may be in the world. Whatever stance or view or bullshit politics there are, remember beyond a group of people making decisions that there are a vast amount of people with no say caught in the crossfire of decisions they were not atContinue reading “Brothers and Sisters of the World”

More Questions Than Answers

Sitting quietly with a cat on my lap taking a nap. I wonder if animals dream travel too. I know they dream, I have seen them do their equivalent of talking in their sleep and movement. Well, now I wonder if animals sleepwalk too? Most animals sleep in intervals, I wonder if we as humansContinue reading “More Questions Than Answers”

This Season On Your Life

Every season of our lives comes and goes with little realization as to the significance of those times as they are unfolding. It is only in retrospect that we grasp what we had in those times. If one looks through the days of their lives and the seasons past, you might begin to see aContinue reading “This Season On Your Life”

All Hearts Are Human

Every heart beating inside every human being is capable of love, of feeling hurt and happiness. There is no skin tone for hearts, there is no superior background or part of the world. There are only human hearts all capable of being both great things and inconceivable things. We are all human. Every single personContinue reading “All Hearts Are Human”

Overconvenience, Overstimulation

  The morning is cold, cold may be an understatement.  The morning is frigid, harsh, and unrelenting, it’s bitter cold, not crisp and refreshing.  The wind bites and slices like razor blades, yet the skin remains unmarked.  Words and thoughts can be the same, cutting deep and leaving no visible trace of the damage done. Continue reading “Overconvenience, Overstimulation”

A Toast to 2022

I am trying to properly close out this year with acknowledgement and reflection by slamming the door. I want to close it out and give the new door opportunity to open up all new things. No sense in dwelling in the past. We tend to take a lot of the previous years baggage with us,Continue reading “A Toast to 2022”