What’s Weighing You Down?

We all have things that weigh us down. How much of that weight can we cut loose? How much weight do you carry around with you every single day? Are you carrying around expectations, and punishing yourself for falling short. Let that stuff go. Expectations versus reality won’t always line up, in fact, it rarelyContinue reading “What’s Weighing You Down?”

What Do We Leave Behind?

What is it that we leave behind when we exit our lives? We all hope that it is more than fragmented memories and leftover possessions. We hope to have our families remember us rather than fight over our things, the memories are more important, pictures can be duplicated and shared, an old ham radio orContinue reading “What Do We Leave Behind?”

Too busy For Paranormal Today

Woke up at the crack of dawn and began my nonstop sprint to get stuff done. The morning sure did come early, if you have insomnia you know that statement can go either way, either honest or pure sarcasm. The birds seem happy though I’ve noticed I hear them plenty way up in the morningContinue reading “Too busy For Paranormal Today”

Craziness All Around

I have had a weird week, one both semi-productive yet some weird orchestrated unorganized chaos that flowed somehow okay. The collective is stressed mostly and on edge. I see an undercurrent of civil unrest brewing and I feel some sort of event or change coming, just when we all thought the madness was moving behindContinue reading “Craziness All Around”

Shout Out To My MOM and all MOMs

Hey You, you don’t get told this often enough, thank you. Thank you for everything you do. The world wouldn’t be the same without you. You are amazing. I know some of you didn’t have the same journey into motherhood and I know some of you are on that journey with your fur babies. IContinue reading “Shout Out To My MOM and all MOMs”

What’s It Like Over There

Well, today has been fun.  I almost broke my refrigerator door with my butt.  I decided to haphazardly hop and twerk backward without realizing that someone was in the refrigerator, oops.  It made for some great laughter and possibly a bruised buttcheek, tomorrow will tell the tale, or tail? Hehe.  Today I feel energetically laggy,Continue reading “What’s It Like Over There”

The Moving Chair

It was a slow day at The Wartha Inn. The business had slowed due to covid and gathering restrictions. We had just reopened and activity was at an all time high. The spirits of the building had missed the gatherings and interactions. Sometimes I think the building itself has a pulse of its own feedingContinue reading “The Moving Chair”


Deep in Southwest Virginia there is a place where geese honk and the cow’s moo. A place deep in the mountains where saltwater and fresh water collide. Underground caverns filled with salt, minerals and rivers and secrets. Secrets everywhere, neighbors whispers, secrets within the town secrets between people and secrets from people. A place whereContinue reading “SECRETS OF A SMALL TOWN”

There Are Monsters Under The Bed

I never sleep with my foot outside of the covers anymore. I no longer sleep in a bed with an open underneath. I do not sleep in the dark anymore, rarely ever did. I do not sleep with my foot hanging off the edge of the bed. I am careful about what I place aboveContinue reading “There Are Monsters Under The Bed”