Dazzling Blogger Award 2021

This award was created by Helen over at crispyconfessions. I am fairly new to blogging so I am still finding all of these amazing blogger. https://crispyconfessions.com/2021/04/25/the-dazzling-blogger-award-2021/https://crispyconfessions.com/2021/04/25/the-dazzling-blogger-award-2021/ Shout out to experiencefilm for this nomination, I appreciate it. You are incredibly talented. Please check him out he has amazing montages for your viewing pleasure. http://experiencefilm.net Experience Film’sContinue reading “Dazzling Blogger Award 2021”

Soul Communication

I vaguely remember the garbled sound of a man’s voice in my ear last night but I don’t recall it fully. I was in such a sleepy state drifting in and out. I don’t even know if ever understood what was said. Even more strange I have this vague recollection of having a conversation inContinue reading “Soul Communication”

Passion, Purpose and Paranormal

If money were no object if you could do anything in the world, what would it be? What do you enjoy doing so much you want to do it every single day? These are questions that are good indicators of your passion and usually, passion and purpose go hand in hand. Please don’t let theContinue reading “Passion, Purpose and Paranormal”

When the Universe Makes A Move

Even if we plan things sometimes when we wake up, you never know what the day will hold. Isn’t that both the fun and tragic thing about life? One should really live their days as if it could be their last. Each morning I am grateful for another day, albeit sometimes, with a cranky attitudeContinue reading “When the Universe Makes A Move”

It’s 2am Fancy Meeting You Here

Well hello, insomniacs and other half of the worlders. It’s 2 a.m. here and of course, I am awake. I’ve put the cat out of the bedroom and she’s a little miffed about it. She was begging hello at the door it sounds more like hellro. She is banished from the bedroom for one reasonContinue reading “It’s 2am Fancy Meeting You Here”