Think of the Children

The first week of school was a doozy. The kids gave it their all, but it wore them out. It also didn’t take long for the covid notices to start rolling in. I am watching from afar, places like Texas and Florida as the sickness is taking hold of so many children. There are soContinue reading “Think of the Children”

Optimism ADHD Gratitude

Small steps are better than no steps. It was brought to my attention that I likely have ADHD and it makes sense. So much sense. I never realized that people didn’t all have content thoughts and impulses. It was first mentioned in class that I get bored easily and then I start cleaning. I getContinue reading “Optimism ADHD Gratitude”

If at first you fail…

Start over. Some things fail because of timing, others because of the approach, and others the lack of work put into it. Energetically I feel a lot of chaos or impending chaos and I am unsure of whether it’s the collective or just myself. It fills as though there isn’t enough time to make theContinue reading “If at first you fail…”

Change Can Be Sudden

Have you ever set out to do one thing and then everything shifts? Suddenly you see clearly what you need to do even if it requires sacrifice. I had this weird anxiety about starting this new position feeling torn between my head and my gut and I finally got the message clear and then myContinue reading “Change Can Be Sudden”

Can you relate to a hedgehog?

I moved this adorable guy into his bigger home this week.  I have been trying to win him over with apple slices and mill worms.  We are making progress albeit slow.  Things take time and even hedgehogs have their own personality and free will at play. This little guy exudes so much soul despite hisContinue reading “Can you relate to a hedgehog?”

Some Life and Some paranormal

Yesterday was spent getting everything buttoned up to send a child to camp. Camp didn’t happen, she decided that her anxiety couldn’t conquer that much of being outside of her comfort zone, and I support her, whatever she needs. We will make the best of the rest of the Summer break. On other fronts, covidContinue reading “Some Life and Some paranormal”

The Storm Before The Calm

I am tired boss, too tired to try and make anyone else happy. Too tired to juggle more than my life can juggle. Tired of explaining it, explaining myself constantly when I shouldn’t have to. I am in power save mode right now. I need a generator or something. I’ll settle for slowly piecing togetherContinue reading “The Storm Before The Calm”