Out Of Balance

Funny how sometimes our bodies will reflect how we are feeling. I am out of balance. I was going about my business for a thing this morning when suddenly I was hit hard out of nowhere I was dizzy and I felt like I was about to pass out. I had my arms full ofContinue reading “Out Of Balance”

Restless In Abingdon

I say restless because my racing mind won’t let me relax long enough to sleep. There’s something up energetically speaking and I’m wondering if the collective is feeling it. It’s this intense restless energy, aren’t we due for a solar eclipse this Thursday? Ah, that may explain it. The last solar eclipse we had madeContinue reading “Restless In Abingdon”

Organized Chaos

Life seems unorganized and completely chaotic, but it is an orchestrated dance of organized chaos we struggle to wrap our minds around. Didn’t get that promotion or that job, don’t fret, you only have a glimpse of the picture and the universe has the whole picture. It’s likely not something you did or didn’t do,Continue reading “Organized Chaos”

Sleepless Genius

Why do we have some of the most profound thoughts, contemplation, and theories in the wee hours? Here’s my guess, I believe it is because of the brainwave state we are in. We are tired and sleepy, giving way to a state similar to meditation and perfect for channeling or tapping in. It is easierContinue reading “Sleepless Genius”

More Alien Weird

Abduction dreams have picked up pretty heavily in the last week.  I am unsure about any sightings last night yet, but there was a sighting reported the next day after the previous dream.  It makes it harder to brush off when that happens.  According to that dream, I am gonna say that others definitely wereContinue reading “More Alien Weird”


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