A tower moment in tarot is when life starts throwing it at you nonstop, or when something happens and it changes things. Most people view this as a bad thing and sure while going through it, it doesn’t feel so great. The point, however, of the tower collapsing is to bring everything down the groundContinue reading

Moving Forward

Life teaches us, sometimes the hard way, what we need. We can set our hearts on something all we want, but only the universe sees the big picture and maybe what a person wants, isn’t good for them. Life has a funny way of moving you through it just as it might bring you toContinue reading “Moving Forward”

Burn Brighter

With the current state of events and more to come, I am sure unrest is rumbling across the states. The vibration and echoes always make there way across the globe no matter where the chaos is. Do not lose your inner strength and fire, burn brighter and hotter. Do not let your joy and faithContinue reading “Burn Brighter”

Be Humbled

Life happens on its own terms, things will come and go according to timing you cannot control. The magic can only happen when you let go completely and let it be as it is trying to be. You will never see the beautiful horizon if you stubbornly stare down at your feet. Trying to forceContinue reading “Be Humbled”

Bumping Realities

The paranormal has picked up recently, it does so at different times of the year, this was different though. I still haven’t figured it out, this is a first for me. Last night I awoke from sleeping, it took a minute to gather myself and that’s when I started to hear it. It was aContinue reading “Bumping Realities”

Energetic Turbulence

If the world could rebalance and settle that would be great.  The energetic turbulence has got us all feeling out of sorts.  I feel as if the rocky motion of chaotic energy has given me spiritual sea sickness.  The storm is raging on and I think we all need it to pass quicker than itContinue reading “Energetic Turbulence”

The light of Hope

The sun has begun to grace us with its presence for longer and the days are becoming bright and clear. The weather is slowly transitioning and the cycle of new growth is beginning again. The darkness and grey of winter sludge are dissipating. I am grateful for the freedom and opportunity to appreciate it peacefully.Continue reading “The light of Hope”


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