A Toast to 2022

I am trying to properly close out this year with acknowledgement and reflection by slamming the door. I want to close it out and give the new door opportunity to open up all new things. No sense in dwelling in the past. We tend to take a lot of the previous years baggage with us,Continue reading “A Toast to 2022”

Change and Growth

Sometimes we hold on so tightly to people, and things because we are afraid. Afraid to leap and to change, afraid that the change will hurt forever. I don’t know why we always assume that change hurts, I suppose it does in a lot of scenarios. Pain is not necessarily all bad, think of itContinue reading “Change and Growth”

Write Your Storyline

Writing stories is a form of creation. You create an entire world a universe in which your characters reside. You build a world from scratch, there are no limits and no rules to what can exist or how. You create images in others’ minds with your descriptions, painting a portrait of your characters. You buildContinue reading “Write Your Storyline”


Withdrawn I suppose that is what I am lately.  Inward only thinking more than acting.  Listening more than speaking.  I have so much to say yet I feel like saying nothing at all.  I am reflective more than expressive these days and I’m tired.  I am tired of explaining well or badly or everything inContinue reading “Reflective”

You Matter

Happy Holidays to all, alone or together with family and friends, may it be blessed. If you are feeling sad this Holiday season remember it is only a season and it will pass. Hang on and hang in there for better days ahead, I know the struggle is hard and the road seems long andContinue reading “You Matter”

Sunday Thoughts

Do you ever have a strange and sudden shift in perspective? Perhaps that is what the moon and eclipse energy brought in. I feel more at ease now that the intensity has let up, but I also feel sobered in a way. I feel as if I can look at things from a slightly differentContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts”


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