I Am, or I Am Not

I feel as if I am drifting at the mercy of things unseen. I have surrendered to it, knowing that I have no control on what is to unfold for me. I have no idea of a destination, or maybe I am just afraid of appointing a destination because I find myself always disappointed. IContinue reading “I Am, or I Am Not”

Remember Yourself

Starting your morning with gratitude is a good goal, however, maintaining that throughout the day is a bit more tough. I am trying to take moments in the day when I am overwhelmed to reiterate that gratitude to help steer my focus back on track. Do not be discouraged or disheartened when some days justContinue reading “Remember Yourself”

Taking Care

Toasting you with NyQuil from the comfort of my couch. Covid weaved it’s way into my home after nearly 3 years, I suppose it eventually gets us all. Left with being a hermit and just being because there isn’t much energy for anything else. I have been battling some health issues for months now andContinue reading “Taking Care”

A tower moment in tarot is when life starts throwing it at you nonstop, or when something happens and it changes things. Most people view this as a bad thing and sure while going through it, it doesn’t feel so great. The point, however, of the tower collapsing is to bring everything down the groundContinue reading

Moving Forward

Life teaches us, sometimes the hard way, what we need. We can set our hearts on something all we want, but only the universe sees the big picture and maybe what a person wants, isn’t good for them. Life has a funny way of moving you through it just as it might bring you toContinue reading “Moving Forward”

Burn Brighter

With the current state of events and more to come, I am sure unrest is rumbling across the states. The vibration and echoes always make there way across the globe no matter where the chaos is. Do not lose your inner strength and fire, burn brighter and hotter. Do not let your joy and faithContinue reading “Burn Brighter”


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