Is That a Bear Trap? No no, i said Can You Hear That?!

I would say that it feels like someone is drilling a hole in my head, but if this were true, I would have a release of pressure. My dang ear is giving me a fit. Ah the ears, a battle I have had lifelong. I was hard of hearing consistently until around 12, I stillContinue reading “Is That a Bear Trap? No no, i said Can You Hear That?!”

Try, Try Again

Have you found that place yet where your art, heart, expression fit yet? It’s okay to let it go temporarily, but don’t stop going back to it. What makes your heart glow, what do you enjoy and love sharing with others? Is it your words, thoughts, do you express it with paint or a pen,Continue reading “Try, Try Again”

That Pesky Comfort Zone

She came she saw, she conquered, well figuratively speaking of course. Sometimes I wonder why we are always told to go outside of our comfort zone, that’s where growth happens. Is it? Why do we need to suffer to grow? Comfort isn’t such a bad thing, life is gonna dish out lessons regardless. Sure it’sContinue reading “That Pesky Comfort Zone”

Biological Computer Systems

What are dreams? Some say they are the brain’s way of processing things. Like we are defragging our hard drive to increase our brain performance. I am here to tell you I defrag a lot and my brain is not running optimally. There is something wrong with the program, perhaps I have a virus. IContinue reading “Biological Computer Systems”

Soldier On

She woke up this morning with a grim look on her face, not because she was dreading the day but rather because she just couldn’t trust the day to be good. What was it that made some days better than others? Was it the weather, people who were not so temperamental? Some days seem toContinue reading “Soldier On”

Expectations vs Reality

Find your passion, find your purpose.  Where exactly are those to be located?  How does one maintain this passion?  It sounds like coffee for the soul.  It is elusive like soulmates, do only some find it?  Is it another Hollywood romanticized notion of life realistically unattainable?  It feels a lot like watching Disney films andContinue reading “Expectations vs Reality”

When Winter Comes

There’s a chill in the air, a crisp and cool kiss to the skin. Enough chill to nudge all of your body and senses awake without needing caffeine. The leaves are hanging on some shifting to orange unsure of whether they will give us a Fall show this year or if all at once theyContinue reading “When Winter Comes”

Hibernating Life

I have been quiet lately, more quiet than normal. Reflective and reserved. Lost in thoughts to the point of inaction. It’s like I am lying dormant beneath a winter season waiting for my Spring to come. Warmth to reawaken my frozen state and give me life again. I am tired, tired of laying in darknessContinue reading “Hibernating Life”

Where is There? Where is Here?

Sometimes my mind wanders off into the crazy side of things. The what-ifs, the endless possibilities of possibility. Life and consciousness are equally if not mostly made up of the intangible. A combination of theoretical and hypotheticals and faith in sight unseen. Belief in most things we can not touch or confidently confirm. Yet weContinue reading “Where is There? Where is Here?”