Silence is Loud

If you’re quiet, you will hear. Magic happens in the space of quiet. Those with clairaudience especially benefit in the space of quiet. For myself, clairaudience is typically not incredibly loud and often presents itself in a muffled, whispery fashion. It can be rather annoying if I am unable to tune in enough to makeContinue reading “Silence is Loud”

The Great Purge of 2021 A Tale of Unfortunate Events

I awoke to something that wasn’t paranormal but was definitely supernatural. The scene which unfolded could have been on a movie set. Nothing like that should happen in real life. I say that knowing what ungodly things I have seen after working countless years as a hotel maid. Today it was in my home, inContinue reading “The Great Purge of 2021 A Tale of Unfortunate Events”

Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Always Work

There are a lot of misconceptions about manifesting and the law of attraction. I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means, I struggle with it quite a lot. I do, however, realize at some point what I’ve done wrong and I don’t love using the word wrong. I would prefer to see itContinue reading “Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Always Work”

What Kind Of Fever Dream

Sickly today and having just had my first vaccine, I laid down to sleep off the migraine. I was transported to a dream I can only describe as Matrix meets the Truman Show. My first tip-off in this dream trying to alert me it was a dream should have been that the location I wasContinue reading “What Kind Of Fever Dream”

I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees

The above photo was taken at Grayson Highlands Park. I have always had a deep love for trees. They have many lessons they can teach us. Those trees have soul, I’m not sure if people are aware of that. Yes, I am a treehugger I don’t hug all of them and they don’t all careContinue reading “I Strive For The Persistence Of Trees”

Tell Me To Take A Hike

Why don’t you go take a hike! Hehe, okay. Am I supposed to be offended by that? Shoot Yeah, I’ll gladly take a hike. Far away off into the woods, off the beaten path even. You go right on with your grouchy self, I’ll find wonders and sights unseen. I’ll find hidden treasures and gemsContinue reading “Tell Me To Take A Hike”

Eating Chocolate Is A Spiritual Experience For Me

One of the kids left the better portion of a chocolate bar laying about, I take my job cleaning up as a mother seriously. It was laying there forgotten and creating a mess, I did what any reasonable person would do, I cleaned up the mess with my mouth. It was delicious and I haveContinue reading “Eating Chocolate Is A Spiritual Experience For Me”