Hometown Beauty

Taken well below the peak of my parents home. Her view is even more breathtaking. Sunsets there rival any I have seen glorified and publicized over the years. I never realized how special it was to see those sunsets every afternoon. The sunrise is nothing to sneeze at either. From her house the foggy morningsContinue reading “Hometown Beauty”

Forged In Fire

From madness, greatness emerges. Chaos heats us up making us malleable and the tools of life, whether happiness or stress, or sadness reshape us. Shifting parts of us previously unused or used less into more functioning pieces. Hardships can be a place a to rebuild, tearing down old foundations and hasty building to make wayContinue reading “Forged In Fire”

Here’s Your Sign or Not

We spend so much time looking for signs, sometimes we miss them. Sometimes we see something as a sign when it isn’t. Perhaps we are so desperate for some guidance we are willing to grasp haphazardly onto the nearest thing resembling a sign. I feel like life is a bit like a GPS system evenContinue reading “Here’s Your Sign or Not”

Mountain Magic

I was sleeping well until a neighbor let their dog out and it had a close encounter with a skunk. The open bedroom window meant for fresh air became not so fresh. It’s getting that time of year where the evening breeze is just the right amount of cool. I love the fresh air, IContinue reading “Mountain Magic”

A cautionary tale of…Stop That You Are Gonna Get Possessed, OOps Too Late

This should go without saying but like so many things in life, people don’t listen. OUIJA BOARDS are not toys. Oh, sure, they are marketed as toys but they are not in fact toys. They are tools that require a tremendous amount of understanding to use and even then they are risky. Likewise for spellContinue reading “A cautionary tale of…Stop That You Are Gonna Get Possessed, OOps Too Late”

Sadness and Hope

I don’t know if everyone’s heartache feels the same, I am sure it varies. There are times it feels as if every breath that fills the lungs are painful. As if breathing is a chore. The relentless, heavyweight crushing down on your rib cage threatening to crush the bones that cage the broken thing beneathContinue reading “Sadness and Hope”

Think of the Children

The first week of school was a doozy. The kids gave it their all, but it wore them out. It also didn’t take long for the covid notices to start rolling in. I am watching from afar, places like Texas and Florida as the sickness is taking hold of so many children. There are soContinue reading “Think of the Children”

Optimism ADHD Gratitude

Small steps are better than no steps. It was brought to my attention that I likely have ADHD and it makes sense. So much sense. I never realized that people didn’t all have content thoughts and impulses. It was first mentioned in class that I get bored easily and then I start cleaning. I getContinue reading “Optimism ADHD Gratitude”