When the Universe Makes A Move

Even if we plan things sometimes when we wake up, you never know what the day will hold. Isn’t that both the fun and tragic thing about life? One should really live their days as if it could be their last. Each morning I am grateful for another day, albeit sometimes, with a cranky attitude that needs coffee first. As I sip the nectar of life I enjoy the taste of the moments of relaxation however fleeting. I have thoughts coming through faster than I can process, likely spirit but I am too sleep-deprived and unfocused to process it. I hope to have dream visits, I am picking up stuff from previous dreams that didn’t make sense before and I get the feeling it’s about to.

Life doesn’t make sense sometimes, we go through many things and many forms of growth, and later you can have a moment that clicks and you see how it all connects. It reminds me of quilt squares each separate yet tying in together and then later joined at the seams for the big picture. Today I woke up with no thoughts or plans not even time for thought and suddenly the universe said let’s move things. Today I reconnected with family, my grandfather on my mother’s side I met him again for the first time since I was a child having only met him once or twice before, his wife, my other Aunt, and a cousin and there will be more. It was all so unexpected and then I made another connection I always wondered where my paranormal side came from as it is typically inherited and passed down, it’s on my mom’s side and her dad’s side specifically though there is some on the other side.

We spent a bit of time discussing paranormal experiences. Though I didn’t go into any great detail about some things. I am fairly certain my cousin who I didn’t reconnect with today is a psychic medium as well though I am unsure she fully knows it just yet. My aunt talked about the house my cousin has, very old and near a cemetery and lots of civil war history and lots of activity.  Ha, it seems as if all of us live in homes with activity sure, it’s the places, but it is us as well.  I can not wait to learn more and see what the future holds.  We are working now on a reunion and bringing more of us together with a family that was separated for whatever reasons we will come together after all and it’s an awesome thing.  I can’t wait to know more and learn more.  The universe is doing a thing and I like it.


Published by izzysconfessions

I was born and raised in the smallest of towns in Southwest Virginia. A town that is extraordinarily active, yet a town that is like it's very own little mini Bible belt. My dad was Baptist, my mom pentecostal, and I'm paranormal. I would venture to say it is somewhat of a family trait. One that is met with equal acceptance and curiosity as much as it is met with skepticism. Individually and collectively so much has been experienced and witnessed at times to such a degree that one might wonder how on earth there is room for doubt. I dont have all the answers, I do not have it all figured out. Im as human as everyone else relying heavily many mornings on a lot of coffee and a little Jesus. In fact, I can't decide what I want for dinner most days. One constant is I cannot go a single day without chocolate. Pour a cup of coffee, or a little tea and whiskey and join me in my confessions of a haunted freak.

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