Out Of Balance

Funny how sometimes our bodies will reflect how we are feeling. I am out of balance. I was going about my business for a thing this morning when suddenly I was hit hard out of nowhere I was dizzy and I felt like I was about to pass out. I had my arms full of laundry, I looked at my daughter and say I’m going down, I hand her the laundry and say again I am going down, wanting her not to panic if I do pass out. I manage to ease myself to the floor holding onto the stove handle, so if I do pass out I will be closed to the ground, it took a bit but it passed enough to stand up. Dang vertigo, I only had it hit me that hard one other time in my life and I had to crawl that time. It lingered for weeks that time and I wasn’t allowed to drive. This time it comes and goes.

Vertigo happens to directly relate to the balance in your inner ear. Without it, you don’t have equilibrium, much how I am feeling in my life. As if my body is reflecting my need to get my bearings and balance better. It also causes migraines, so it serves to slow me down and force me to rest, whether I want to or not. The universe sometimes has other plans, and what we want, isn’t always what we need. I feel like a lot of us are feeling out of balance, especially those who are sensitive to energies, it has been intense lately more than normal for many reasons. I have energy overload as I have been intensely researching my ancestry for days now and I have been connecting with so many energies even if briefly.

The best advice I can give not just for myself, but for any others who may be needing balance. Go.with the flow, don’t fight, don’t resist. If the universe puts you in a position and forces you to slow down, do it. Take care of yourself, rest, and recharge, the day-to-day chores, and challenges can wait. Get to feeling better and come back swinging. There is nothing wrong with taking a break. How can you take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself? Don’t be so hard on yourself, you matter too. It’s okay, take time, heal, refresh and renew your passion and purpose.


Published by izzysconfessions

I was born and raised in the smallest of towns in Southwest Virginia. A town that is extraordinarily active, yet a town that is like it's very own little mini Bible belt. My dad was Baptist, my mom pentecostal, and I'm paranormal. I would venture to say it is somewhat of a family trait. One that is met with equal acceptance and curiosity as much as it is met with skepticism. Individually and collectively so much has been experienced and witnessed at times to such a degree that one might wonder how on earth there is room for doubt. I dont have all the answers, I do not have it all figured out. Im as human as everyone else relying heavily many mornings on a lot of coffee and a little Jesus. In fact, I can't decide what I want for dinner most days. One constant is I cannot go a single day without chocolate. Pour a cup of coffee, or a little tea and whiskey and join me in my confessions of a haunted freak.

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