Organized Chaos

Life seems unorganized and completely chaotic, but it is an orchestrated dance of organized chaos we struggle to wrap our minds around. Didn’t get that promotion or that job, don’t fret, you only have a glimpse of the picture and the universe has the whole picture. It’s likely not something you did or didn’t do, it is more along the lines of something you need to do. Why did I end up at this dead-end job? Maybe it’s more about who you met, a connection made, a direction or lesson learned, and not at all about the job, think of it as a means to an end. A roadblock to force you on a detour to either get you to arrive at a new destination or arrive at the current one better equipped for it.

Some things seem unfair when the reality is that some things aren’t meant for us. Sometimes we are tested to see how much we want something if we will follow through and do something. God doesn’t work through those who won’t trust and do what they are called upon to do. Won’t the Universe or God know the answer already, more like the probability because we human beings have that pesky little thing called free will. Forcing action is not the same as choosing the action. Isn’t that what the detours do, not exactly we always have a choice, you can sit and wait for that main road to clear, you can even get out and choose the hardest way possible, on foot macheting your way off the beaten path and take an extra-long time to learn a whole lot of nothing in your stubbornness along the way. Nothing is forced or written in stone.

As a psychic medium, I will tell you that we can only tell you the most likely outcome if all conditions and things stay as they are now. The outcome can change and it is up to you. You can make different choices and change your circumstances and cause the universe to recalculate the outcome. We are in charge far more than we like to acknowledge of our own lives. Sure there are outside influences and factors but ultimately we adapt and respond, we make choices in response. Now there are things at play designed to help us even if we think it is doing the opposite, or sometimes things don’t go your way, maybe it is in your best interest. Your alarm went off late, you couldn’t find your keys, you are running late, you are frustrated and angry, but had your alarm went off, the keys where you found them, you would have been on time and you would have been in that wreck and your game would have been over. All opportunity and potential for your life are now gone. That’s the big picture, the part we can not see and the anger and frustration were a waste of energy and emotion. The reality was it was in your best interest not to get your way. Go with the flow, trust in yourself, and get out of your own way.

Published by izzysconfessions

I was born and raised in the smallest of towns in Southwest Virginia. A town that is extraordinarily active, yet a town that is like it's very own little mini Bible belt. My dad was Baptist, my mom pentecostal, and I'm paranormal. I would venture to say it is somewhat of a family trait. One that is met with equal acceptance and curiosity as much as it is met with skepticism. Individually and collectively so much has been experienced and witnessed at times to such a degree that one might wonder how on earth there is room for doubt. I dont have all the answers, I do not have it all figured out. Im as human as everyone else relying heavily many mornings on a lot of coffee and a little Jesus. In fact, I can't decide what I want for dinner most days. One constant is I cannot go a single day without chocolate. Pour a cup of coffee, or a little tea and whiskey and join me in my confessions of a haunted freak.

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