Craziness All Around

I have had a weird week, one both semi-productive yet some weird orchestrated unorganized chaos that flowed somehow okay. The collective is stressed mostly and on edge. I see an undercurrent of civil unrest brewing and I feel some sort of event or change coming, just when we all thought the madness was moving behind us, I’m not so sure and I feel strongly this isn’t the upswing we were all hoping for, being honest. We are still changing, a shift happening on a bigger scale designed to move our complacent, stagnant, and unempathetic behinds into an energetic shift, but shifts don’t come easy. It takes a lot to create a mass shift of this scale and it will be hard for everyone in some way. Things worth having like this do not come easily, we have to put in the work, and that sometimes means not by choice. Sadly, I also feel we aren’t quite at the end chapter of covid, it feels more like we tried to skip to the end of the story, but there were some important parts in the previous chapters we needed to experience. Will someday things be better, yes, is it all bad, no, but it may all be necessary.

I am currently living in an area that freaked out along with other surrounding areas and people hoarded all of the fuel and now we are out in the bulk of the area. We have some things left to learn, we didn’t quite pass the test, we keep getting pop quizzes and failing them. Maybe as a society and collective, we had become more broken than we even thought. I see a lot of anger swirling through assumptions, pettiness, and judgments, this creates a bigger divide and puts us further from the outcome we all want somewhere deep down inside. Human beings do not by nature love change as a whole and many are resistant, I feel this is some of what I am seeing on the side of anger, hate, judgment, and prejudice.

Life is fleeting and time is not promised, when the sand runs out of your hourglass, it is over and we can not see the level we have left, we can not control that. People of all ages continue to die in higher than normal numbers and those people would not have died even with their preexisting conditions had it not been for covid and it is unbelievable and disheartening to hear anyone express well they had a preexisting condition so may as well the implication here is oh they are weaker and the dismissive survival of the fittest attitude is and has caused many unnecessary deaths. I lost an old friend and former classmate yesterday, he was only 39. He had some health issues and had received a kidney a few years back. Does that shitty narrative of might as well still apply? Does it pain one so much to not knowingly spread something that can have fatal consequences for others? So glad it was only like a cold for you. Does it pain one to wear a face-covering to lessen that chance that much out of either vanity or rebellion under a narrative of I won’t do what I am told, you didn’t listen well to your mother, did you? Or even worse the misconceptions I see of many things from people thinking they are immune because of their blood type and everything in between but the worst, the absolute worst excuse is the real human beings with little care about others because they might as well, they had health issues anyway. Newsflash in addition to this Nazi-like attitude, there is yet another flaw in this narrative and that is the same applies to yourself and your family, you don’t get to pick and choose and many people have an underlying condition they aren’t even aware of, that isn’t magically exclusive for you. You want a better outcome, a better future, a better world for yourself and your children, then it is time as a collective to drop the bullshit, get off your self made thrown and high horse and realize you are not better than ANYONE and you don’t deserve to live more than anyone else. You arent some special being that gets special treatment and if we can’t reach that place ourselves as a collective then believe me the universe will be happy to keep dishing out those swift kicks in the ass until we do.


Published by izzysconfessions

I was born and raised in the smallest of towns in Southwest Virginia. A town that is extraordinarily active, yet a town that is like it's very own little mini Bible belt. My dad was Baptist, my mom pentecostal, and I'm paranormal. I would venture to say it is somewhat of a family trait. One that is met with equal acceptance and curiosity as much as it is met with skepticism. Individually and collectively so much has been experienced and witnessed at times to such a degree that one might wonder how on earth there is room for doubt. I dont have all the answers, I do not have it all figured out. Im as human as everyone else relying heavily many mornings on a lot of coffee and a little Jesus. In fact, I can't decide what I want for dinner most days. One constant is I cannot go a single day without chocolate. Pour a cup of coffee, or a little tea and whiskey and join me in my confessions of a haunted freak.

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