Weird Day Even Weirder Night Paranormal Excess

I had a pretty clear-cut plan for my day, but it could not have gone any different. Weird how the universe conspires to get you certain places. Talk about memory overload as well, I am still processing that aspect of the day alone. The plan was to go and cut my nephew’s hair, then go to my granny’s and give her a small handheld audio bible for her 90th Birthday that was a few days ago. What a big deal that was to have her 90th. This woman was, is, and always will be one of the best human beings in this world. Her heart and kindness know no bounds. She outlived almost all of her family and friends, including her son, my dad. She can not see well, and she can’t hear great either. She never missed church until she was unable to get around. She read her bible every single night until she was no longer able to, I wanted to give it back to her somehow even if through narration.

The first thing to get off track was the haircut, my nephew ended up having a baseball tournament so I needed to go later. I originally planned to go straight to my granny’s but had the urge to call my sister and see if she wanted to come. She was cooking so her husband said why don’t you just come on over. So, I did and I ended up staying longer than planned. This was my first time at her new house, a very active house. Weirdly she was even closer to the childhood home we grew up in I could see it from her house. Swimming in memories, catching up with my sister, and then playing with my great-niece and nephew I lost track of time. I didn’t really check out the place on a paranormal level because I was heavily distracted.

I left late to my granny’s and intended to stay for a short amount of time and then go cut hair. Nothing and I mean nothing went as planned. Little did I know was that the moment I pulled into her yard the series of strange events started pretty much immediately though I didn’t piece it together until later. I pulled in and my phone just completely lost all service just gone, it’s in a valley so it is not unheard of there, but just seconds before it was okay. I shrugged it off, I’m in a valley service is just weird. If only things stopped there. I had a good visit, we talked and laughed and I stayed way late, completely opposite of the plan. I feel like I am being watched but chalk it up to where I hadn’t been there in a while. I would have maintained that train of thinking had it not been for me announcing I am going to leave and shortly after the front door forcefully flying open. We all look at it confused and my Aunt says maybe it was the wind. No wind in fact it was pretty settled outside. Also, the door jerked kind of and then opened completely. I took that as my queue to leave. Yeah, if only the weird had stopped there.

I get out to my car and pull out my phone, my battery is on 23% very low. I am thinking I have one call in it maybe. I drive barely up the road and turn around at the church and my phone drops to 0% and shuts off, no calls. I think okay that was weird but maybe it is explainable. Then I get down the road a ways and see someone on the lefthand side of the road I slam on my brakes afraid they are about to walk out in front of my car. Sure enough, they keep coming, I am full stop in the road. This is not a fully manifested person. It is the opposite of a shadow figure showing up in a white sort of mist opposite of a shadow. I can see they are tall, male, and I can even see the stride of the legs and make out the swing of the arm. I am sitting in the road watching a ghost cross the road. He crosses completely and walks through the fence into a field. I am watching and wondering what I have just seen but I am still processing it and all the while I’m thinking huh, I guess they wouldn’t need to climb the fence, but why bother walking like that. Very strange and at this point I am dying to call someone and tell them the weirdness, but I can’t because the phone is dead.

I am on high alert at this time, now seeing the outline of someone sitting next to me in the car trying to ignore it but unable to. I decide my dad has come along for a ride because that is the easiest way to deal with it for the sake of my sanity so I put the radio on a station he liked, eventually I no longer see an outline. I stop for food and think what a crazy day only to have more weird the entire way home. No way to call anyone and becoming increasingly anxious and hoping that I get home no worse for wear and in one piece. A bit more chaos ensued from the fact that my phone had lost service and then died and no one knows what has even happened to me, I never made it for the haircut. I finally get charged up enough to call my mom and tell her how weird things got. I am still trying to figure out if it had anything to do with stopping at my sister’s or if it is unrelated. I am anxious trying to find sleep but not sure if the activity will continue tonight. When I first got in the bed I saw two bright small lights shoot over and land on the pillow next to me. Hopefully, I can sleep tonight eventually, but it is nearly 2 am and I am on high alert.


Published by izzysconfessions

I was born and raised in the smallest of towns in Southwest Virginia. A town that is extraordinarily active, yet a town that is like it's very own little mini Bible belt. My dad was Baptist, my mom pentecostal, and I'm paranormal. I would venture to say it is somewhat of a family trait. One that is met with equal acceptance and curiosity as much as it is met with skepticism. Individually and collectively so much has been experienced and witnessed at times to such a degree that one might wonder how on earth there is room for doubt. I dont have all the answers, I do not have it all figured out. Im as human as everyone else relying heavily many mornings on a lot of coffee and a little Jesus. In fact, I can't decide what I want for dinner most days. One constant is I cannot go a single day without chocolate. Pour a cup of coffee, or a little tea and whiskey and join me in my confessions of a haunted freak.

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