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Withdrawn I suppose that is what I am lately.  Inward only thinking more than acting.  Listening more than speaking.  I have so much to say yet I feel like saying nothing at all.  I am reflective more than expressive these days and I’m tired.  I am tired of explaining well or badly or everything inContinue reading “Reflective”

You Matter

Happy Holidays to all, alone or together with family and friends, may it be blessed. If you are feeling sad this Holiday season remember it is only a season and it will pass. Hang on and hang in there for better days ahead, I know the struggle is hard and the road seems long andContinue reading “You Matter”

Dreams Aren’t Meant to Sleep

She was a lot of things, boring wasn’t one of them. People often misunderstood her, she celebrated her quirkiness and didn’t hide it as so many did. People couldn’t understand it, maybe because they could not find it within themselves to be unapologetically themselves. An offbeat dress paired perfectly with offbeat hair beautiful, loud, andContinue reading “Dreams Aren’t Meant to Sleep”

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